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The world’s first hand transplant was performed in France in 1998. Following extensive preparation and evaluation of outcomes from other world centres,
the procedure is now available in the UK

As the UK Hand Transplant Programme is new to the NHS, many people; patients and healthcare professionals alike, will be unaware of the details.

This website is written by the group of specialist doctors who have spent several years setting up the programme.

Hand transplantation is able to restore movement, sensation, warmth and a humanness to those people missing one or both hands as a result of trauma, infection or burns.

The website aims to answer all your questions - if it doesn’t, please write to us and ask!

The loss of a hand or limb can be a life changing event, having complex medical, psychological and social effects. Until recently, the only options to restore function were orthotic devices or prosthetics. Over recent years, hand transplantation has developed into a realistic alternative to prosthetic devices.

Hand transplantation offers those people who are missing one or both hands an opportunity to restore a hand or hands that look and functions as normal, being able to restore movement, sensation, warmth and humanness to their limb.